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Providing Protection For Your Data

If you’re not taking precautions for your data, you’re placing yourself at risk of cyberattacks and data breaches. Data that is not secured can be used by hackers to gain access to and take personal information, such as credit card or Social Security numbers.

Data protection encompasses a range of cybersecurity practices, such as encryption, access restrictions, and backups. The premise behind protecting your data is that unauthorized access is the biggest threat to the integrity of your data. Unauthorized access includes everything from hacking into a system or network to allow a malicious insider steal information without the proper permissions.

To determine the most effective method to protect your data First, you must determine the type of data you’ve got. This process is referred to as data classification and is a vital part of the process for protecting data. This process lets you examine all the data repositories you have, identify sensitive information and then apply specific treatment methods such as encryption or access restriction.

Your data while in transit requires particular attention as it travels across networks and devices which are vulnerable to attack. Effective measures to protect your data in transit should include encryption at all times and making sure that only authorized personnel can decrypt the information. Also, you must implement network security controls to protect the networks your data is transferred on from intrusions and malware.

Another important aspect to protect data is educating your employees. Cyberattacks like phishing emails and USB traps are usually targeted at employees who aren’t aware or have lowered their guard. Instilling awareness, and implementing programs, such as those provided by Inspired eLearning, can help reduce the dangers.


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